Filing a Trading Inquiry

At FXCM, we strive to provide our customers products and services that are resourceful to meet their needs. If we fail to meet your expectations, or you have a specific inquiry or concern that requires a formal review, you are encouraged to file a trade inquiry. Before you do so, please review the top questions and answers on trade execution.

Top 3 Inquiries on Trade Execution

If the above items do not address your inquiry or you would still like an individual review of your account, we encourage you to file a Trade Inquiry Form. Our team will review the specific elements associated to your query, and will provide you with a prompt response on the elements requested. FXCM takes these matters seriously to improve our products and services, and alleviate any concerns expressed.

The Trade Services Team will then contact you as soon as possible with a resolution to the inquiry. In the meantime, please manage the trade as you see is appropriate.

Please note that all fields are required to submit an inquiry. To expedite the processing of your inquiry please provide an accurate amount disputed. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. When completing the "Amount Disputed" field, please only use numbers, periods, or commas. Using characters other than those may result in an increased time processing your request.

Please complete the form below


Form Application

To obtain the ticket number of a trade, click the "Report" button at the top of the FXCM Trading Station, and select the dates showing the timeframe you would like to select. The ticket number column is on the left of the report. Each trade has a corresponding ticket number that is 8 digits long.

To review execution risks and steps to manage them click here.