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Collaborate with FXCM to expand your business

Leading the global online brokerage industry for over two decades, our brand reputation is a dependable guarantee for your career development.

Choose the shoulders of giants, stand taller, see farther, and walk more steadfastly.

Introducing Broker

Expand forex business together with FXCM. As one of the global leading brands in the online forex and CFD brokerage industry, FXCM offers collaboration opportunities with financial institutions, asset managers, and introducing brokers. All partner entities can benefit from FXCM's top-tier liquidity resources and a comprehensive suite of online investment technology solutions. As a referral broker of FXCM, all you need to do is to introduce clients to FXCM, and we will handle the rest, allowing you to earn rewards through client referrals.

Liquidity Provider

By connecting with FXCM, you gain access to our premium liquidity resources. FXCM's liquidity management team tailors the most efficient liquidity providers and entry channels based on your specific requirements, ensuring we meet your investment needs. Additionally, you can integrate with the FXCM platform through API interfaces, adjusting as needed to manage trading risks.

Suitable investor types include:

White Label Partners

FXCM offers an all-in-one white label solution for partners, facilitating a swift platform setup with minimal costs and maximum efficiency to kick start your enterprise. Concurrently, you can also connect with industry-leading liquidity resources and customize hedge solutions as necessary.

Expanding Your Business Rapidly

FXCM offers an all-in-one service solution, including platform setup, making it the efficient and convenient choice for expanding your business, saving you time and economic costs.

Establishing a Unique Brand

FXCM takes charge of providing technical support to assist white label partners in creating your own unique brands. This increases customer loyalty, giving you greater freedom for daily promotion and enabling you to fully ascend the heights of business success.

Flexible Collaboration Plans

Share your requirements with us, and not only can we provide you with practical experience and advice, but we can also offer personalized, tailor-made technological solutions according to white label partner needs, aligning with the varying developmental stages of your business.

Professional Technical Team

Supporting a straight-through processing system and connecting to multiple leading international liquidity providers, we can reduce white label partners hedging costs and ensure swift order execution. Additionally, a dedicated technical team is on hand to offer comprehensive technical support services.

Learning How to Become an Institutional Partner

FXCM is a proven industry leader and offers custom turnkey solutions as well as popular trading platforms and tools.

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