FXCM Hub is the brand-new app from FXCM for global investors. FXCM Hub offers a one-stop app to access the global markets, manage your account and check the latest notices, promotions, economic calendar and market news. All of this functionality is available in a single app, along with easy access to our outstanding multilingual customer services.

  • One-stop app with easy-to-use interface
  • Stay connected to the global trading markets at all times with the latest updates
  • Receive the latest notice and promotions from FXCM on the all-in-one platform
  • Find inspiration for investment opportunities quickly
  • Outstanding multilingual customer service and support


Connect with FXCM

Manage your account with FXCM Hub. Contact our outstanding multilingual customer service and live chat through FXCM Hub.

Latest News from FXCM

Check and receive the latest notice and promotions from FXCM.

Economic Calendar

FXCM Hub gives you access to key financial information. The real-time Economic Calendar covers financial events and indicators from all over the world. Be in sync with the markets with live economic data and notice of macroeconomic events that have an impact on the global markets.

Market news

Stay informed with global market news. Get real-time alerts on the latest global financial news and updates every day to stay on top of the global financial markets. Benefit from in-depth research and analysis provided by our experts.

Download FXCM Hub

Enjoy the seamless experience with our app and discover more helpful features inside.

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